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Why you should know Facebook profile Safety

Why you should know Facebook profile Safety

Facebook is in everything without this internet is nothing? According a research approximately 41.6% of the US population has an active account on Facebook. This huge size makes proper administration of security policies and privacy are very difficult to assume as it should. Then it depends on the users themselves establish security measures to protect your personal information. Here are some recommendations for Facebook that could be applied to other social networks too.

Change your privacy: It’s very important to change the configuration of privacy in each and every one of your photos – photos of the wall, albums, etc.

Facebook allows others to find using a shared photo as well as by your gender, age, education and place of residence. (You should be filtered again between share only with friends, friends of friends, etc). It is advisable not to leave these data as public and hide most of these make it harder for them to find you.

Facebook profile Safety

Instant Personalization: While it is a feature that has not yet been applied to all profiles of Facebook is about to be launched. This will allow third parties show your friends your last activity within their sites. We recommend it off.

Public search Appearance: Another feature that is disabled recommend public search, this allows anyone to enter the name of your profile in a search engine like Google or Yahoo to find immediately and even show an excerpt of your personal information.

When you share content: remember to be careful with the permissions you give the content you’re about to publish.

“People who are here now” is a feature of Facebook that can place you in a geographical location, if you want to be just me the reason of your position, disables the functionality so that your friends can give away your position.

Applications: They tend to be a splitting headache, but we recommend that you review each of the applications that have allowed access to your personal information, those who ask “too much” is best eliminated.

Information through friends: Maybe you were a party where you got to flip-flops; friends usually upload photos and videos without asking for the consent of the persons appearing in such content. If you are labeled, you can control who can see those photos seeping into “Photos and videos that I’m labeled”.

Buddy lists: create lists of friends is perhaps one of the easiest ways to organize all your contacts in Facebook , just make sure extra privacy measures for your family, business contacts, and close friends are taking.

Most of these characteristics can be customized from the following link:

Extra Tips:

Do not make friendship with anyone: not all friend requests you receive are genuine people if the person is a total stranger and not have any friends in common is better refuse. Remember that people with bad intentions can make use of your personal information.

Think before you write: like your social network in real life what you write on Facebook can have an effect in your real life, keep the same prudence which in the real world and remember that everything on the Internet marking.

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