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Lumia Camera and Xbox apps with Windows 10

Lumia Camera and Xbox apps with Windows 10

Windows 10 is an operating system (OS) next generation, which will be present throughout universal Windows-based gadgets, ranging from desktops, mobile phone, tablet, or material screen size of 84-inch. News of the latest technology also mentions that the Windows 10-based gadgets will be present along with some applications as an integral part. Among these are the Lumia Camera app and the Xbox app.

The latest version of Microsoft’s latest OS is not yet officially released, but some time ago the company has released a demo video showing the performance of Windows 10 using the tablet Dell Venue Pro 11.

Indeed, the performance of the OS is not yet released. But at least, Microsoft acknowledged that some applications such as cameras and gaming applications will be available in Microsoft-based gadgets.

Apps with Windows 10

Lumia Camera App Present in Windows 10

In the presence of the latest technology Lumia Camera app, even if you use gadgets from other brands, such as Samsung or HTC, the latest generation of Windows-based, then you will still be able to enjoy the experience of photography such as when using the Lumia (The quality of the shots will be determined by hardware camera used).

Lumia Camera app allows you to take photos with or without light. You can also edit shots and adjust brightness. In addition, there are features auto-HDR and 4K, which you can use by pressing the shots in a long time. In other words, the latest of Lumia camera app presents a better performance than the previous version. Features: correct or improve the appearance of the image automatically.

In addition, as recognized by one spokesman for Microsoft, in addition to feature – which will be present with photo, application on Windows 10, OS-based gadgets will be equipped with cloud-based storage service, namely Onedrive. That is, even though you are using iOS or android gadgets, you can still upload photos to Onedrive. Furthermore, Microsoft will automatically change the look of your photo to make it nicer. You can then store it online.

Integrated with Xbox app

One more application that is rumored to be present with the latest technology Windows version 10 is the Xbox app. This is certainly encouraging news for connoisseurs of the Xbox console-based gaming. However, as leader of the Xbox, Phil Spencer, said the application is likely to be present only in PCs, laptops, and tablets based on the new OS. Xbox app to be integrated is the caliber of the Xbox One, where users can enjoy additional features such as friends list and SMS messages. In this way, play the game would be more fun, because it can be done with friends.

The presence Xbox app makes gaming more than just pleasure, but also as a social activity to keep your closeness with friends or relatives. You can interact using Activity Feeds feature. In addition, this application-based platform-agnostic. That is, you can display Xbox games and Steam simultaneously. It certainly is very enjoyable for gamers who enjoy gaming platform doubles.

Another interesting thing is the integration of sub-systems that produce graphics DirectX 12 gaming experience smoother and more enjoyable. This feature also saves your gadget battery consumption by half.

Final Look: Overall, the integration of Xbox app for Windows 10 was an attempt to juxtapose the two. Although you certainly will not operate Excel data on the Xbox, this integration will give a different playing experience.

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