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How to Maximize Use of Android phone – Hidden Features of Android

Maximize Use of Android phone Hidden Features of Android

Smartphones are widely used all around. Android is successful platform in mobile phone history. Smartphones are common in every age of life. We know that it has many user-friendly features that make this more attractive but do you know that it has some hidden features. Here are 6 hidden features that users can use Android version 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and above.

You can use these tips to maximize the use of Android phone in hand.

Feature 1 Google Maps

If you doesn’t  get WiFi or mobile data need not worry, you can still use Google Maps. The maps application can be accessed in the offline mode and allow you to download a specific area of the map that you can browse later.

To create a map in the offline mode, press Search and select the make this available offline area. You can store up to four maps in the phone.

Feature 2 Speed Dial

You can create a speed dial for contacts frequently contacted. This contact can be placed on the home screen so that the screen can be quickly accessed.

To create a speed dial, press and hold on an empty area on the home screen, then select shortcuts -> contact and select the contact you want to make speed-dial.

Feature 3 Information on the owner’s home screen

Indeed, not everyone will restore the phone they found to their owners. But you can increase the odds of getting the phone back by displaying information in the owner’s home screen is locked.

To do this go to the display settings -> Security -> Security screen -> owner info. Enter your name, email address or another phone number to call.

Feature 4 Google Chrome

You can synchronize the Internet experience on a computer directly on Android phones. Please download the Google Chrome browser to Android phones. You can sign into the browser chrome to synchronize Internet browsing, bookmarks and more to your phone or tablet.

You also can send web pages from Chrome on your computer to the mobile phone with just one click and read them on the phone even when you’re not getting the data.

Feature 5 Screen shot

Take a picture of the screen can be done with the little finger swipe across the screen from left to right. Do it slowly until it clicks on the phone and screen shot image is automatically saved to the gallery.

Feature 6 Storage Data

You can use your Android phone as a portable USB drive with ease. Simply plug the USB cable to the computer and Android phone is already functioning as a portable USB drive.

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