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Wearable Devices and Corporate Environment – [Updated]

Wearable Devices and Corporate Environment

After the arrival of the Smart Apple Watch the wearable devices are also invading the corporate environment. With the title “Putting Wearable to work: Insights on the Wearable Technology in Business”. The survey confirms those wearables are seen as a strategic platform to improve business performance and are considered a growing area of investment.

Wearable Devices and their Value

“The wearable are the next phase of the revolution of mobiles. As smartphones before them, the key to success for wearable in companies is fully related to corporate killer apps. “This research demonstrates the tremendous opportunity for the use cases of wearable to drive significant business value.

The study, conducted by Salesforce Research, was conducted between February 27 and March 1 of this year. The survey was conducted among more than 500 professionals who have adopted the technology of wearables in various sizes. Among other things, it demonstrates how professionals who adopt these gadgets are planning to incorporate these devices into the day-to-day business processes to improve productivity and connectivity between employees and customers.

The survey takes into account information from five areas surveyed: strategic significance, projected growth areas, trends in the evolution of the devices, the impact of data insights and the importance of an application ecosystem expanding.
Data shows that the use of wearables in companies expected to triple in the next two years, as four of the five main areas of growth are around the improved user experience. This includes real-time access to customer information or fieldwork guidelines hands-free, analyzes the corporate consumer alerts and remote training. The use of these gadgets has been led by integrating with loyalty programs, POS applications, and immersive experiences.

The search emphasizes in particular the arrival of smart-watches. Of the respondents, 62% use or plan to have smart watches in the corporate environment within two years. Among the advantages for a sales team working remotely or on-the-go, representatives can use speech capabilities in their language to send information directly from smart-watch to a CRM system. As for VIP customers, representatives of customer service using a smart-watch retail, for example, can be made aware of the preferences of key consumers, allowing them to propitiate a highly personalized experience.

And not only are smart-watches who are entering the corporate environment. The digital cords and smart-glasses occupy second and third place for its expected impact on businesses, according to research from Salesforce. With badges and smart cords, there is the possibility for customers and managers make payments and control access to restricted areas, for example. These devices also generate data that can be analyzed to find out about the traffic of people and their behavior.

Gadgets that even though little used today can make a difference are smart glasses. They can provide immediate support to representatives of remote field service. For example, a technician at an oil rig can connect to smart-glasses by technical diagrams which show the steps necessary for a repair.

Another interesting point of the survey is to consider that the data generated by wearables can change the landscape of a company in the market. Currently, only 8% of mobile users say they are completely ready for analysis to actions from the volume of data collected by gadgets. When the use of these devices in companies accelerate, this information can help businesses make decisions and display them in real-time.

Finally, the survey also points to the expanding ecosystem of enterprise applications as encouraging the adoption of wearables. According to the study, 30% of users cite lack of business applications as a primary challenge in implementing these devices. When the Apps ecosystem grow and the new hardware allows more complex business scenarios, the number of companies that adopt the wearable devices is expected to increase dramatically.

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