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OLO to Make Smartphone to 3D Printer

OLO to Make Smartphone to 3D Printer

There are some reports emerging about a device which can make a smartphone to a 3D Printer. A US based company is claiming that they have designed a device called OLO. It uses the light through touchscreen to get the required outcome. The design of this gadget is very simple as the device is loaded with three plastic parts, a motor and a chip. The arrangement works with help of four AA batteries. The weight of the device is just 780 grams and it is not tough to carry it anywhere without any difficulty.

The app is available for Android, iOS, and Windows operating system. The first step is to load the schematic of the item into the OLO mobile app. Now keep the gadget at the support section present under the reservoir. You will find a polarised glass present at the support section here. Once you keep the smartphone in this section then you will find that the touchscreen section of the gadget is facing the front section of this arrangement.

This section shows that as soon as you place the lid at the peak section and the printing device starts the work the touchscreen section of the gadget lights up in a particular manner. Here the work of polarised glass starts as it can comfortably direct the light to make the photons travel at the upward section. Here different segments are formed according to the need which is highly valuable to get the pattern. The formation is good enough to get the required design. The complete arrangement is useful for many users as it can help creating designs in an innovative way. OLO app can be helpful for many artists to get fresh plans.

The whole software arrangement is managed by OLO app here. Company recently told that it does not require any kind of manual levelling which is a big plus for the customers. The app is available for the three major platforms. Therefore you may not face any issue while using it. Once you keep the article and printing process starts you need not to check anything about it. The app uses your smartphone as a main device to give the print. The complete layer by layer formation will keep the model busy. Therefore you can easily get the outcome. If you are looking for a good printing app then it can be a right choice for your work.

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