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Vernee Apollo Phone: New Entrant in Smartphone Industry

Vernee Apollo Phone New Entrant in Smartphone Industry

A number of makers from China are entering into the smartphone industry and one of them is Vernee. This is the new competitor who will directly compete with the makers offering gadgets with high-end specifications. Company will offer the kinds of models whose specifications are expectedly going to be different from others. You may see these kinds of models by other brands only after a few years. Moreover the price is going to be highly competitive. Here we are discussing some details of these models by Vernee.

This new brand is going to offer two new brands. The names of these models are Vernee Apollo and Vernee Thor. Currently the details of Thor are not available but some details about Vernee Apollo are emerging out. This gadget is going to be the kind of model which will have very high-end specifications if we compare it with any other brand. Many experts are saying that it can be compared with any premium model of 2016. The chances are that you may be able to get a good deal.

Vernee Apollo will have a special metal body design and the gadget will give you a 3D Touch support. This model will have 5.5 inch screen whereas Quad HD display is going to be remarkable under its exclusive range. Resolutions of this gadget are 2560*1440 pixels. Moreover it has a huge 6GB RAM. There are not many models offering this kind of RAM into the marketplace. Some records show that only Vivo XPlay 5 would be able to compete with this model at present.

Vernee Apollo will have the newest Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system. Google is going to bring the next operating system Android N soon and most probably company will offer the update as and when available. Furthermore the gadget will have Helios X20 deca-core processor. This processor will easily handle different types of work load without any issue. Experts believe that the processor will be handy to manage power consumption. Therefore you may get a huge battery life. Company has included a 21MP IMX230 dual-tone flash Sony camera. The secondary camera will be of 8MP. The starting price of this device is $399 only. Most probably it will arrive in international market next month. Therefore if you are looking for a model with some high specifications then check this model. It can help you to get the full value of your money.

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