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iPhone SE Pre-order to Start from March 24th

iPhone SE Pre-order to Start from March 24th

Sprint is the first to announce the pre-order of the special edition iPhone and they recently announced that they are planning to start the pre-orders from March 24th. Company said that they are planning to offer the model from March 31st. It is an interesting move by Apple because LG is also planning to bring their next flagship LG G5 on the same date. Now it seems that the road of LG is going to be tougher than before.

Most of the experts are saying that ‘iPhone SE’ is a powerful model but the only thing is that it is a little overpriced for some markets. This may disappoint some users because they were not expecting this price-tag by the company. If you have missed our previous post then it is important to remind you that 16GB of iPhone SE will start from $399 only. The price of 64GB edition is $499 only. Company announced this model two days ago and they are planning to bring this model in almost every part of the world. The second phase of pre-orders for some countries will start from March 29th.

The term ‘SE’ in iPhone SE stands for Special Edition and it is exactly according to the name. Company brought this model to compete with other makers in midrange segment. Now we may see how the competition will stand in coming days because some others are also planning to bring midrange models. There is no doubt that iPhone SE will create some hurdles for others. This 4 inch smartphone has the capacity to give brilliant results. Company has included A9 chip in this gadget. Moreover some experts are saying that the battery of iPhone SE is working better than iPhone 6S. It is a big surprise for many people throughout the globe.

Now in the meanwhile there are also reports that Apple may bring their new iPad Pro on the same date which is March 31st. There are no specific reports about the pre-order for the same. Additionally it is vital to inform you that the RAM of 9.7 inch iPad Pro is same like iPhone SE. Both will have 2GB of RAM. Earlier there was some confusion in the market as many people were saying that iPad Pro will have 4GB of RAM. However it is not the case. We will inform you as soon as we get some more updates about it.

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