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Whatsapp to Bring New Features for iOS Devices

Whatsapp to Bring New Features for iOS Devices

We have recently discussed how Whatsapp is bringing new features for Android users. Many were thinking that iOS users may not be able to get new characteristics for their devices. Is Whatsapp not interested to bring some new features for iOS anytime soon? Well, it is not the case because they can’t afford to do something like it. Now iOS users can also cheer up as Whatsapp is going to bring some new features for their devices. It is a big advantage for the users because it will allow them to save the memory of their devices.

The first feature is sharing PDF Files. Now iOS users can comfortably share PDF files. It is a big advantage for professionals as they can get the required data without checking other mediums like PC or laptop. This can enhance their productive hours. Moreover now iOS users can easily control the media files. They can choose the media files to get stored as per their requirement. It will help them to save the memory of their devices. We all know how important it is to have sufficient memory in devices. Isn’t it? Now it is not necessary to either save all the media contents or nothing.

Another useful feature is the availability of replying messages from notification centre itself. Moreover missed call alerts were available in ‘recent tab’ section. Now this data can be checked in the chat window section. Now you can check all your call records and messages at one place. It’s much easier now. Don’t you think so? Some of these features were recently added to Android devices. Now iOS users are also receiving these updates very soon. Whatsapp has not taken much time to bring the update for iOS users. A few days ago they brought the update for Android. Now iOS users have received the functions in very less time.

Whatsapp is world’s biggest cross-platform instant messenger service. The users are increasing with every passing day. Currently some records show that more than a billion people are using this platform to send messages. The app has calling facility also. Therefore it is surely going to be handy for almost all the users. You would also be able to type the bold and italic characters. It will allow you to highlight a certain portion of the text very similar to laptop or PC. The update is expected to be available to all the users very soon.

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