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Microsoft Starts Rolling Out Windows 10 Update for Old Models

Microsoft Starts Rolling Out Windows 10 Update for Old Models

There were some speculations going around from last few days that Microsoft is planning to bring Windows 10 update for some old models. Now we have an official announcement for the same. Company is rolling out Windows 10 update for some old models. Many old Lumia models are getting this update. If you are using one of them then you can check it if the update is available or not. Many old gadgets like Lumia 636, 1520, 532, 535, 540 are getting this update.

The shipment of some gadgets with Windows 10 operating system has already been started by the company. Gadgets like Lumia 650, 950 and Xiaomi Mi4 are a few to name here. However it is vital to inform you that these updates are for the existing Windows gadgets only. Microsoft took some time to bring this update. Many people were saying that Microsoft was originally planning these updates on December 2015. However some technical reasons didn’t allow them to bring the update. The edition for the same is Build 10586.164.

It will be supportive to utilize upgrade advisor app to know the complete details. This will help you to check the eligibility of your device. Moreover it can also help you to check the right way for making the memory free. Eligible devices should have sufficient memory to get the update. It will be better if you use Wi-Fi to get the update.

Now another important point to discuss here is that some features of Windows 10 are heavily dependent on the functions of hardware. Therefore some users may not be able to use functions like Windows Hello and Continuum. Moreover there are chances that after updating the OS some users may not be able to use all the functions of Windows 8.1. This thing will vary from one user to another.

Do not forget to take the backup of all the important data. It is important because the device may not be able to keep all the data safe while updating the OS. If you the backup of data then it will be much safer for you. Have you plugged the phone into the charger? Now it will be an infuriating situation if the device runs out of battery while upgrading the OS. Isn’t it? Microsoft has selected only those old devices which can perform satisfactorily with the new OS. There are some technicalities due to which many old devices may not work smoothly with Windows 10 OS. It is the reason that not all the gadgets are included to receive the new updates.

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