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Apple May Bring an iPhone with 5.8 inch screen

iPhone 7 with 5.8 inch screen

We all know that Apple has recently sent invites to launch an affordable iPhone model. Now it does not mean that company is going to reduce the production of high-end gadgets. They will remain the top products of the market. They just have plans to expand their market like Samsung. Company is planning to bring models for budget category and at the same time they will keep working for premium models.

Now many sources are indicating that Apple has started the work to bring a new iPhone model and it will have a massive 5.8 inch screen. This model is expected to have an OLED display which is a big surprise for iOS lovers. Many experts are saying that company is planning to switch to AMOLED screen technology in future. Most probably we may see this model in 2018. However some experts are saying that they can bring the model as early as 2017 but the chances are less. Many reports are saying that50 million gadgets will be produced for the first edition of AMOLED model.

One thing is almost certain that company is going to bring two different editions of iPhone for next two or three years. There are rumours that the next ‘premium’ iPhone model will be available in two editions. The first edition may be called as iPhone 7’ while the second is expected to be ‘iPhone 7 Pro’. It will be interesting to see how company will bring two different models while releasing iPhone with OLED display. Most probably company will bring iPhone 7S in 2017. Therefore it is unlikely that the ‘S’ series will have OLED display. All these calculations give a hint that 2018 can be a year when we may see many changes in iPhone models.

Now if we talk about upcoming iPhone 7, then many experts are saying that Apple is planning to change the camera this time. There can be two different editions for the next ‘premium’ model. The first edition can have a single-lens camera while the second is expected to have a dual-lens camera. Currently company is planning to bring iPhone 5SE. The screen size of this model can be 4 inches and the price tag can be much lower than the current iPhone model. Company may unveil this product on March 21st, 2016. Therefore we just have a few days left to see an “affordable” iPhone.

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