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HTC One M10: Some Leaked Details

HTC One M10 Some Leaked Details

We have been hearing a lot about HTC One M10 from some days. Market is eager to check the next flagship by the company especially in their troubling times. There were reports that company is planning to launch this model at the end of February. However according to some latest information company may not bring the gadget this month. Experts are claiming that some specifications may be very similar to “One A9” model.

There are some more reports emerging out about this smartphone. People close to the industry are informing that the front section of the model can be very similar to previous “One” model by the company. The makers will surely try to give a fresh look but the base may remain the same. You may remember “One M7” model by the company. This model had horizontal antenna line. Now the newest reports have claimed that company is planning to use the same kind of feature in next model also.

We had discussed a few days ago that HTC is planning to change the name of this ‘M’ series model. Most probably it will be called HTC Perfume. The smartphone can have 4GB of RAM and it can have 32GB of internal storage capacity. There were no reports about the availability of fingerprint scanner but most probably they will add this time. Most of the other flagship models have excellent payment methods and some security features. Therefore HTC may not like staying behind from others in this case.

The screen-size of this smartphone is expected to be 5.1 inches. You can get QHD AMOLED display here. The gadget can work through Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system. Moreover the user-interface can work brilliantly in this model. Many reports have already emerged last month that company is planning to compete with ‘A’ series smartphone. Camera is another section where HTC is not that much good in comparison to others. Now this may not be the same this time. This smartphone can have a special 12MP Sony sensor camera. It can give a brilliant outcome. Optical image stabilization, laser supported phase-detection can be excellent in this model. The secondary camera can be of 5MP. The gadget is also expected to have HTC Sense which can be highly useful for the buyers. So check HTC One M10 before purchasing any other flagship model. It can be a good choice if you want some change and looking for some other model.

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