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7 Best Paid iPhone Apps that are Free for A Limited Time

Apple’s iOS App Store is one of the most important reasons behind the success of the iPhone and iPad. You will see hundred of new apps added everyday in the App Store and increases the competition between app developers. This is the reason, developers thought to bring a new system that will help them sale their apps more and will be helpful of iOS users too. The system is called Freemium where users can download the apps for free and add new features with optional app-in purchase.

Well, some developers choose offer in-app purchase model while some developers made the whole apps for free for a limited time, so that users can try and later recommend to their known if they like it. In this article, we have tried to research hard into the Apple’s App Store and find out all the awesome paid apps that are free for a limited time.

So, download all the below apps for free, use them and let us know which one you like the best in the comments section below:

1. Expenses OK

Normally, it costs $0.99 but for a limited time, this iOS app is totally free to download. This app allows you to track your expenses without opening the app. You could enter data in the new widget area in iOS8. Major features include entering expenses, comes with a beautiful widgets, pie diagram, sync with iCloud, Touch ID and password enabled, option to export all data in CSV format and take backups.


2. JustSign

This app will help you save $4.99 bucks and its free for a limited time. JustSign app will be helpful for those who are on the move but still needs to sign important documents. This app will help you make a digital signature even better than a real pen using realistic pen and smart eraser. There are many other useful features that make this app super awesome and as its free, you should grab it right now.


3. Unblue

Smartphones have taken our life to a particular extent, you can see everyone using their smartphones all along the day, even in their blankets when lights are switched off. You know that iDevice’s screen can make you blind using at night or in dark environment. As, iDevice screen emits blue light which is very harmful to the eyes and can cause sleep disorders.


However, Unblue app became a savior that minimises the blue light effects and helps you to protect your eyes while working on iDevice screen at night.

4. Table Top Racing Premium Edition

Finally, a game is free for a limited time. Table Top Racing reached 7 million downloads and celebrate the huge success by giving it free for a week. Table Top Racing is an award winning, the combat style racing game that has awesome graphics, intensify gameplay and hours of fun combat.


5. Sleep Time: White Noise

Sleep Time is a unique app in the App Store that features 80 high quality sounds of the environment like bird cheeping, ocean waves and other soothing sounds that helps you relax during the day and sleep great at night. Major features include blocking distractions, reduce stress, help you in relaxing, line control your device, works offline, sleep timer humanized design, apps runs in the background, you can mix different sounds and favorite them, etc.


6. Twitterminal

One of the most expensive app in this article, usually for $9.99 is totally free. Twitterminal is a gorgeous Twitter client that is inspired in birds where you can create flock of birds with just a single click. Well, each bird is a twitter account where you can see the timeline by touching the bird.


7. NFL Quarterback 15

Another game that is totally free for a limited time. In this game, you can choose the favorite team and start the official NFL QB challenge and take your team to win the championship. NFL Quarterback has HD graphics with awesome stadiums and detailed player and it looks pretty realistic.


So, these are all my favorite top picks of paid apps that you can download free for a limited time. Do let us know which one you find most useful and why.

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