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Samsung may Bring Galaxy A9 Pro

Samsung may Bring Galaxy A9 Pro

It is not a very long time when Samsung brought their impressive Galaxy A9 model into the market. Now there are reports that company is working on the ‘Pro’ model of the same ‘A’ series gadget. It will be the advanced version of Samsung Galaxy A9 model. There is no official announcement by Samsung but most likely the name will be Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro.

There are some rumors about the specifications of this model. Experts are claiming that Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro can have a QHD 2K display and it can have the resolutions of 2560*1440 pixels. Screen-size may remain 6 inches here. Now it simply means that the display performance will be better with the enhanced specifications in this model.

The new model is expected to hit the market soon. The success of the ‘A’ series model has proved that Samsung is still the leader of Android smartphone market even after some tough competition from other makers. Currently Samsung is selling Galaxy A9 as their premier model in this series. Now with the arrival of Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro, the ‘A’ series is further going to strengthen their base among the users.

There are chances that Samsung may not change the model entirely. It may include most of the specifications present in A9. The current model has 6 inches of Full HD display and it has Qualcomm Snapdragon Octa-core SoC processor. However some unofficial reports have claimed that processor is certainly going to be improved this time. The exact details are still not available. Battery capacity is 4000 mAh and it has the internal storage capacity of 32GB. You can use 3GB of RAM in this model. However the ‘Pro’ version may have 4GB of RAM and it can have 6 inch 1440p display. Most probably it will be launched in China at the beginning. Later on company may decide to bring it in global market according to the response.

Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro is definitely going to be better than the current version. If you are planning to purchase this model in near future then you should wait for few more days to check some official details. The current model of ‘A’ series is getting some good response from the market. The metal design of this gadget is going to attract most of the users. Company is also planning to bring Galaxy S7 model. Therefore they may launch Galaxy A9 Pro after the release of the new ‘S’ series model.

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