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Login approvals has gone, Secure your Facebook account with these applications

Secure your Facebook account with these applications

Security is the main concern for the internet users. Our email, Social media accounts may be hacked any time from unknown part of the world. We have seen several similar reports recently. It may be by way of phishing mails or malwares.

Undoubtedly, we can say that Facebook is the king of social networks. It has millions of millions of users and it is increasing rapidly each day. So naturally it becomes one of the main targets of hackers to steal the content or spread their messages. And we store some vital information or private images in the account. It means, it is better to secure our account by way of two step authentication, similar to Google feature which we already using in Gmail.

We can use the Google Authenticator application as well as “Code generator” feature of Facebook application to make use of the feature.

To activate, login to Facebook account, go to settings, click on Security tab. Expand the Code Generator option. To use inbuilt feature of Facebook Android, iOS apps click on Enable option. After activating the feature you need to input code generated from the application to logging into the account.

Secure your Facebook account

If you want to go for Google authenticator like third party application, click on the setup option.

Secure your Facebook account-Setup a Third Party App to Generate Code

Either you need to scan this QR code with authenticator application or insert secret key showing on the screen. Any way, your account will become more secure than before.

Facebook had introduced “Login approvals” feature earlier as part of securing the accounts. Users who activated the feature need to input 6 digit password received via text message on mobile while logging in. But later company itself deactivated the feature with unknown reasons.

You can make use of another Facebook security feature “Mobile PIN”, which is need to type while sending status messages or posting photos from a mobile device. This will make sure that others won’t misuse your account by borrowing your phone or spoofing your phone number. To activate the feature, go to Settings, click on Mobile, Switch on Mobile Pin. Kindly remember that, you can see the option only if you updated the mobile number in Facebook and activated the text messaging.

Secure your Facebook account- Mobile Number in Facebook

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