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Lumia 950 Back in US and Canadian Microsoft Stores

Lumia 950 Back in US and Canadian Microsoft Stores

Lumia 950 is also back in The US and Canadian Microsoft stores after the arrival of Lumia 950 XL. It is certainly exciting news for Windows phone lovers as they can utilize the newest gadget by the company. The websites of The US and Canadian Microsoft stores have started taking the pre-order for this device. However the shipment is going to start from February 8th only. It is a little disappointing information but the product is expected to perform satisfactorily according to the expectations of many people.

The price of Lumia 950 in The US is $549 only. If you are in Canada then you can get it in CAD 749 only. It is a little surprising that the device is back in stock but the company will start shipping the gadget only from next month. The reason is not clear so far but the good thing is that you can get an exceptional Windows device with some powerful features this time. It is the unlocked version by Microsoft but you can get the AT&T version with ease if you are looking to purchase the device immediately.

Microsoft Lumia 950 is a dependable Windows smartphone. Industry specialists are saying that the apps can work smoothly here and the UI of this device is truly exceptional. Last time company didn’t have the stock as per the demand but now you can purchase it without any difficulty. The screen-size of this smartphone is 5.2 inches and you can use AMOLED capacitive touchscreen here with ease. The model is powered with Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor and the company has added Adreno 418 GPU in this device. Primary camera of this gadget is of 20MP with some beneficial features like triple-LED RGB flash, auto focus and Carl Zeiss Optics. Secondary camera is of 5MP and video capacity is 2160p@30fps.

A few months ago Microsoft was struggling to maintain the balance into the marketplace but it seems that company is now ready to show the power of Windows based models. If you haven’t purchased this model and looking for a good smartphone then Microsoft Lumia 950 offers you the right alternative. You just have to wait for a few more days to enjoy the power of this device. We can say without any doubt that customers can get the full value of their hard-earned money with this device.

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