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Rising Global Internet Growth Fuels GDP Growth [InfoGraphics]

Rising Global Internet Growth Fuels GDP Growth. The digital world is increasingly having an important impact on our physical economy and this can actually be measured by the growth figures in GDP that many countries are witnessing in relation to internet use fueling their economies.

There is still some way to go when you look at the numbers in this info-graphic and whilst Europe hit a digital milestone in 2012 with the 500 millionth user go online, only 34% of the world’s population had internet access at that point. If you had any doubts about the impact that a burgeoning digital world is having on our lives and the bearing that it already has on our physical economy, you only have to consider the fact that if internet consumption and expenditure where a measurable sector for GDP purposes, it would already be considered larger than the agricultural and energy sectors combined.

The way we work and live our lives has fundamentally changed over the last few decades as a result of the internet and how we use it and for those that want to argue that improvements in technology costs jobs, it is interesting to see that according to statistics, for every job lost because of the internet, that same medium has been responsible for creating 2.6 jobs in their place.

Every aspect of our society from individuals to businesses and governments, all have the potential ability to benefit from the digital world and all the opportunities that it can bring, and many are doing so when you look at the continuing growth in GDP contribution.

Rising Global Internet Growth Fuels GDP Growth

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