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Top 3 Video Editing Tools for Professional Results

As you may already know, video editing software can be extremely pricy. However, the price will prove to be worthwhile when you gain the ability to create stylish, elegant, and complex videos that are more than just juxtaposing sound and clips together on a timeline. Here are the Top 3 Video Editing Tools for Professional Results if you’re willing to pay a little extra in order to make videos of professional quality.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Adobe Premiere Pro CCMany vouch Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud as one of the top video editing software available on the market. It is especially seen as the best option for those who don’t want to spend money on specialized hardware.

This software has an excellent, customizable interface that doesn’t end up being a hassle to work with after a few hours. The Link Media dialog is more useful than it was in previous versions of Adobe Premiere Pro, as it enables you to utilize the Media Browser to find offline clips. The nested sequences have also experienced change, as you can now toggle how they are added to the timeline.

As of now, Adobe Premiere Pro CC will cost you about $30 per month, as it is sold based on a subscription model rather than a one-time fee.

Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro XThis video editing software was produced by Apple and it currently costs approximately $300.

The Final Cut Pro X is well-known for its very solid performance. As expected from Apple, it has an incredibly gorgeous interface that will make even the most complex timelines look simple. The interface allows you, the videographer, to focus on the content, which is what is truly important.

Due to the Library management, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of managing your project files and Events, as it becomes rather straightforward with this product. This is especially true of you decide to store your video assets in your Library files. The rendering system, which works in the background, is truly incredible and it always enjoyable to go back to your edit, only to find that it has been fully rendered even if it’s only been a few minutes.


Sony Vegas Pro 13

Sony Vegas Pro 13As you probably know, Sony Vegas Pro 11 is very popular among video makers, especially those who produce AMVs for YouTube. Well, know that this software is popular for good reason.

There are currently three different versions of this software: Platinum, Suite, and Studio. Prices range from $50 to $140 on Amazon for this software. Of course, the price depends on which software version you choose.

Sony Vegas Pro 13 allows you to add a touch of professional style and energy to videos by utilizing video effects, transitions, and titles. If you happen to have a touchscreen PC, you’re in luck, as this software is touch-enabled for touch PCs. If you’re new when it comes to editing videos, there will be help bubbles to guide you through the process. With this software, you will always be able to adjust your videos to playback in fast or slow motion. Finally, once you have your finished product, you will be able to easily upload it to FaceBook or YouTube without even leaving the program.

What Makes Software Top-Notch?

As a videographer, you need to know what makes a video editing software truly top-notch, so you can purchase a quality software that fits your needs.

First of all, professional video editing software should provide users with more than just a project window and timeline. There should be more advanced tools, such as the color corrector and the chroma key.

Capture and playback is also essential for a good professional video editing software. The best applications will be able to capture good footage from all types of cameras as well as sound equipment. A good software should provide crisp, clear footage no matter what.

Ease of use is also incredibly important when choosing a video editing software. This is especially true if you’re not particularly patient. Chances are, you’re going to be spending hours and hours using this program, and your experiences will not be fun if the program is hard to use.

While there are many excellent video editing tools that produce professional results out there on the market, the three listed above are truly the cream of the crop. As a videographer, you should definitely opt to purchase one of these three software if you’re unsure of what to buy.

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