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Meizu teases MX4 Ubuntu edition smartphone ahead of MWC 2015

After Canonical’s foray into a crowd funded mobile device had not yielded positive results, the company, which is a producer of Ubuntu software, had decided to rope in BQ and Meizu as hardware providers. This has culminated into the Meizu MX4 Ubuntu edition smart phone that is slated to be released at this year’s Mobile World Congress that will take place from 2nd to 5th March, 2015 at Fira Gran Via in Barcelona, Spain.meizu-ubuntu-smartphone

Before the slated release, Meizu has come out with a teaser on its upcoming offering. The tease shows a full frontal image that exhibits the various possibilities available on an Ubuntu based smart phone. Contrary to standard smart phones where the user experience is centered entirely on individual apps, Ubuntu has gone one step ahead by combining various but related mobile phone experiences under one umbrella application called, ‘Scopes’.

Under Scopes, for e.g., a person’s music experience can be consolidated by accessing music based apps, music files and online streaming, all together under one arch. This functionality has moved the plot ahead for OS experience for all smart phone device users. Sensing the potential in the provision of a ‘Scopes’ dependent differentiated user experience, Meizu has also been emboldened to incorporate the tagline, ‘More Than Better’ as its marketing stance for the MX4.

This is not the first for an Ubuntu OS based smart phone release, the credit for which goes into Aquarius E4.5. However, the Meizu MX4 can easily corner the credit for being the best premium phone with an Ubuntu OS in the market right now. Meizu’s Ubuntu offering has a 5.36-inch IPS display with a solid 1152 x 1920 resolution. Interestingly, it has an Octa-core Cortex A17 + A7 big. Little processor. It’s camera resolution standing at 20.7 MP beats several high-end smart phone offerings in the market. It is expected to be priced similar to the standard MX4 offering that stands at $550.

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