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Why You Need Your Smart Phone at Work

Why You Need Your Smart Phone at Work

With thousands of applications being created every year, your phone is becoming more like your computer, with the additional benefit of convenient portability. You can use your smart phone to handle a wide variety of tasks. Many people consider smartphones a distraction at work; little do they know the many possibilities of work efficiency when using a smartphone with apps. The following are some of the reasons why you should always carry your smartphone to work.

1. Always stay connected

Always stay connected via Smart Phone

With internet connectivity, you can complete a wide variety of tasks using your mobile phone. You can download applications, reply emails, book flights and even transfer money. Mobile devices allow you to enjoy internet connectivity throughout. Even if you have to leave your desk, you are still connected to the latest work information that you need to know.

2. Time management

Time is one of life’s most priceless commodities. You cannot buy it and once you spend it, you cannot get it back. Using the right application, you can increase your efficiency at work and use your time more effectively. You can find applications to create a more time effective corporate schedule with reminders, track sheets to track the amount of time you spend working on a project and GPS functions that make it easier to find locations faster

3. Flexibility

Using smartphones increases your work flexibility and this shows clients and potential customers that you are the best person to work with. When your credit card terminal fails and your customers want to complete a transaction, you can use mobile credit card processing apps to accept payments conveniently. With the right kind of usage, cell phones can increase your multitasking abilities. You can even conduct a teleconference via your cell phone while handling work on your computer.

4. A computer in your pocket

 Smartphones today can handle some of the tasks that your computer can. If you are swamped with work and your client still wants a proposal ASAP, you can use apps to quickly construct a strategic plan and flawlessly written documents. You can handle work when you are out of the office for lunch or after five with desperate clients still requesting important documents. You can use remote desktop access applications to access important documents from your computer to your phone by seamlessly sharing information between the two devices.

5. International communication

Effective communication is an important part of business practice. Your smart phone is a great communication channel for people around the world. You can make international phone calls and use communication applications to get in touch with anyone around the globe. Smartphones allow you to maintain communication with the same number and phone internationally.

6. Collaboration

Collaboration is essential to successfully completing projects within the modern working environment. You need to share documents, check project status and communicate with colleagues. You can use project management applications with collaborative features that allow all the team members to check in on the projects. Such applications even allow you to track any changes made to the project by team members through your smartphone.

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