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TikTok’s challenge after Blue Whale becomes a disaster for parents

Dangerous challenges are often seen on social media, and teenagers in the greed of more likes can be seen to be part of them. The BlueWhale game killed many kids and teenagers last year and a very dangerous challenge has now appeared on the TikTok app. This challenge called’ Tripping Jump’ or’ Skull Breaker’ is being viralised on social media, which is both strange and dangerous. That viral challenge has become a headache for schools and parents in many parts of the world.

Videos of students doing this dangerous challenge at some schools in Europe and South America have gone viral. In this challenge three people stand together. One is in the middle whereas the other two are adjacent. The middle one is asked to jump after this and as soon as he jumps, side people hit the kick on his feet, causing the head to fall to the ground. This is why it was named’ Skull Breaker’ and may also cause fatal injury. Two girls are seen in one such video taking the help of a sweater to cause their classmate to fall.

Due to this challenge in schools, needful steps are being taken to avoid dangerous accidents. In many schools in Europe and South America, awareness is spreading to stop this challenge, and the advisory was issued by the directors. At the same time, police are investigating such cases in some countries, to find out from where this dangerous challenge has started. Doctors say there shouldn’t be such a prank or challenge as it can cause fractures in every body joint. The messaging platform WhatsApp also shares this challenge widely.

No such video has been shot in India at the moment, but in India in the past the global nature of social media has influenced teenagers and children. In such a situation it is important for both parents and teachers to alert and keep teenagers safe from such dangers. On TikTok, too, hazardous’ Outlet’ challenge and’ Bright Eye ‘ challenge were seen earlier. There are millions of TikTok users in India, and cases of loss of life occurred while making videos for the app. In such a situation the new challenge for parents and schools is also a cause of fear.

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