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Risk of suicide due to overuse of smartphones and social sites

Today, smartphones and social media are a big part of our lives. However, the risks associated with these have also steadily increased and researchers have now said that excessive use of social media and telephones can increase mental stress and suicide risk. This review of the study was published in Journal of the Canadian Medical Association. It is limited to the use of smartphones only, and this study did not include online gaming.

Elia Abi-Zaud, who works at Children’s Hospital in Canada, said, “Physicists, teachers and families need to work together to reduce the risks of teens and young people overuse of smart phones. Besides that, smartphone use more affects the users ‘ relationships, sleep, performance and emotions. The study revealed that also affected the memory of users who are constantly on social media.

Also involved in this study were researchers from Toronto Western Hospital, Canada and this analysis describes how fictions, parents and teachers can help and make teens aware of the use of social media or smart phones. Researchers said, “It’s better to provide the youth with alternative structural work than to ask them to stay away from social media or decrease their use, in which they feel inclined.” This will create a better environment.

No information is given on how many studies that formed the basis for the final review. A recent US survey revealed that approximately 54 percent of teenagers believe they spend most of their time using smartphones. At the same time, around half of them want to lower their habit of using more smartphones than they need. In such a situation, parents and teachers can do the work in addition to using a smartphone to offer suggestions about what teens can do.

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