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How To Take Care of The Foldable Moto Razr

Motorola has recently launched the classic Razr flip phone in a new design, and the latest Moto Razr has been introduced with a foldable display. The display of the new Moto Razr is folded from the middle and reduced in size like a flip phone. For the first time, Motorola has introduced such a new and innovative product to the market. In such a case, consumers have no problem with the new device and, due to any mistake, the company has posted help videos so as not to harm the device

How To Take Care of The Foldable Moto Razr

The video shared by Motorola demonstrates how to take care of your phone to protect it from damage Motorola has initiated pre-orders for Razr (2019) and the selling of this product will soon begin. In the support video titled’ Caring for Razr,’ users have been told that this folding smartphone is water-repellent, but should only be wiped with a dry cloth.

The video shows that the glass of the smartphone is folded so that bumps and lumps can be seen on it. The Moto Razr display has been supplied with a protective coating, so that users are prohibited from downloading any kind of screen protector from the manufacturer. The video also recommends that you secure your phone from sharp objects. Motorola said it was important to fold the Razr before placing it in the pocket

As the folding display technology is new, the company is already warning consumers about the risks associated with it. Earlier Samsung Galaxy Fold was unveiled by Samsung. Some users removed the protective film from the Galaxy Fold display, which damaged the device. Later, Samsung’s commercial launch of the product was delayed due to a number of such deficiencies. Let me tell you, including Motorola, Samsung and Nokia are going to bring a foldable phone design clam-shell this year.

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