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Oppo Has Patented Phones With A Moon-Shaped Camera Design, The Rear Camera Will Disappear

The Chinese smartphone company Oppo filed a patent for a new device at the State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China on 17 January. This patent is a uniquely designed smartphone and has a half-moon (half-moon) camera module on its rear panel.

The design of the patent reveals that the camera architecture of this smartphone would look like moon cycles. The rear camera sensors are arranged in the shape of a half moon in such a way that they look transparent. It has not been determined at this time whether the company will supply any special sensor or camera in this device. A large image sensor and two small sensors are visible from the LED flash in the left to the right curve in the patent renderings.

Camera setup:
The patent also shares graphic design images showing the technical parameters of the device. However, after seeing these photos, instead of a lot of stuff about this unique smartphone, some questions come to mind. The rear camera of this smartphone will disappear if it is not used. Earlier this month, the OnePlus smartphone concept with a missing camera was shown at CES 2020.

New Notification Lights:
The Oppo device can also be launched with a special back cover, which brings some functions to it. Another thing about its transparent camera was disclosed in the patent that LED lights would be given around it. In such a case, the organization may also provide new types of notification lights on this device, or it may also feature a special display animation. This smartphone might be Oppo Find X2, which is believed to be true.

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