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Phone Addiction Makes Students Feel Weak and Lonely

Students who use digital technology outside their limits are less interested in their studies and become impatient with the study. This research has been revealed in a study which states that such students begin to feel lonely at one time. In the General Computer Assisted Learning study, 285 such students studied a degree course on wellbeing. Studies examined their digital technology patterns of use, anxiety, depression, reading, and motivation. Researchers at Swansea University, UK, have found that there is a negative relationship between Internet addiction and motivation to study. According to them, students who are addicted to the Internet find it difficult to study and become more anxious when they come to the test. Researchers also said that loneliness is also felt because of Internet addiction, which makes it more difficult to study.

Phil Reid, co-author of this research, said, “These results show that Internet-addiction students do not like to study and that the numbers are low in the exam.” About one-fourth of the students admitted that they spend more than four hours online every day, and the remaining students said they stay online for one to three hours a day. According to the study, students mainly use the Internet for social networking (40 per cent) and information gathering (30 per cent).

Roberto Trujoli, another co-author at the University of Milan, said,’ Internet addiction destroys many skills, such as motivational control, preparation, reward responsiveness. You also become weak in studies due to the lack of such abilities. Internet addiction has also been related to isolation studies, making it difficult for students to study. Researchers have said that Internet addiction and less social interaction make a person feel lonely.

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