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Top 10 mobile models hit the chart for week 48

Check out the new additions to the mobile store, as there are many trendy and latest mobiles coming up every now and then. You can see these topmost 10 trending mobile phones for the week 48, which will thrill your senses.

Top 10 mobile models hit the chart for week 48

You can feel the best of these new mobiles and ensure you can get them at the best prices. Also, you can check out the specs for each of these 10 mobile phones. The top 10 new additions comprise of leading mobiles namely Samsung, Redmi, Xiaomi, Samsung S6 and Note 5 and Samsung Galaxy J7 and many more.

In this version of our week after week Top 10 drifting telephones graph, we at long last witness the Samsung Galaxy J7 get ousted. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 enters the outline this week, and tempests straight to number one simple day after its declaration.

Long-lasting champ Galaxy J7 needs to settle for silver this week, still nearly took after by the J5 in third.

Introduced by the Redmi Note 3, the past Gen. Xiaomi phablets joins the inclining rundown in fourth, serenely in front of the Galaxy J2 – another normal. Next comes the Galaxy Grand Prime in 6th, demonstrating no specific signs of losing client interest after quite a while.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and Note 5 have exchanged their places, over a week ago, and the previous is currently in seventh, while the S-Pen-pressing phablets is presently in eighth. The Sony Xperia Z5 had the weakest week-on-week execution, losing an aggregate of 6 spots, now in ninth. In a touch of amazing improvement, the Samsung Galaxy A5 enters in tenth, keeping the iPhone 6s out by a couple of hundred hits.

What more can you ask for when you have all these latest cell phones, with latest and modern techniques inbuilt into it. So What’s more you need is the latest phone you can say speaks about your style.

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