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The Latest Hiku Kitchen Button Is Smart Enough for Your Grocery Shopping

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Before Amazon could have started filling your home with magic wands, grocery ordering kitchen buttons & Al-Supported speakers, Hiku (a company) created a device to cater your kitchen needs that can quickly assemble your shopping lists.

With the use of a barcode scanner or with voice commands, the device enables you to prepare your next visit to a grocery shop. With Hiku’s kitchen button, you don’t have to look for a paper and pen or your phone.

The Latest Hiku Kitchen Button Is Smart Enough for Your Grocery Shopping
Image Credit : Hiku
With time, Hiku is been changing like new hardware technology, it has gotten cheaper. Now, it can use your grocery list for placing orders at the Peapod’s & Walmart’s Online Grocery Stores.

For the last few years, the company has been working hard with renowned retailers in the UK, Australia & France, for providing the latest device – Hiku with the access to shop on the behalf of its user according to the list created. This latest technique of grocery shopping is now coming to stateside because of the incorporation of Peapod & Walmart with APIs. This integration had made the smart grocery shopping feature available for over forty markets in 24 states, as stated by the CEO Rob Katcher at Hiku.

Generally, the application enables the users to add any product to their shopping cart. Those added products can be directly bought from Peapod or Walmart. It also gives you an option to get them delivered or pick them from the store, directly. If you want, you can just the application & device in the old-fashioned way, i.e. just to create the shopping lists.

The latest Hiku device is a spit out an image of the earlier one. The device is still white, puck-shaped which sticks to the fridge, magnetically. It is featured voice recognizer and barcode scanner, both gets activated through lone and silver button. It is also featured with microphones along with superb audio isolation, in order to make the device more dependable, says Katcher.

This version is much faster because there’s no need to connect the device with Wi-Fi to scan or record. It has been made more kitchen-proof, which means it has better resistance to crumbs & splashes.

The app automatically suggests you with alternative available online stores, if Peapod & Walmart don’t have required item.

The latest Hiku app & device are now available. Orders will be shipped on the 19th of November.

Estimated price – $49 which is a lot when compared to Amazon devices, but Hiku is more flexible and well-featured.

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