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Apple iPhone 6s Plus – Expected to Do Business!

Apple iPhone 6s Plus is no doubt the most costly Smartphone in Indian market, excluding luxury brands like Vertu. Why to go for an INR 92,000 Smartphone, when you can get better features on INR 15,000 phone? There is a huge market for these expensive Smartphone’s driven by users who like to have top-notch devices for their dependability, performance or flaunt value. So, here are iPhone 6s Plus pull over-

Apple iPhone 6s Plus – Expected to Do Business

First Impression

The design is almost similar to iPhone 6 although better aircraft grade material is claimed to be used. A slightly frustrating fact is you cannot set an iPhone without a SIM card. The weight is slightly more iPhone 6 Plus but it has the best Smartphone camera ever. The images look absolutely natural, not over-processed and over-saturated. The color reproduction and using eye for detailing are amazing features.

The device recognizes ambient light and adjusts the display so the flash looks absolutely natural and the user don’t end up looking like the images on voter ID’s. The device stays cool while shooting in the extra HD format. iPhone 6s Plus is the only Smartphone that can process and edit 4k video without heating up which is a great evidence of the capabilities of A9 processor.


Performance has never been a problem with the iPhone. This device has a flawlessly synced hardware and software. The updates offer a smoother and faster user experience. Problems like OS freeze, thermal footprint’s surge have been taken into consideration. Multi-tasking is much faster and easier with the iOS 9.


The flawless sync of software & hardware gives a reliable battery life. With iPhone 6s Plus, one doesn’t need to carry a charger in car or bag, all the time. The battery backup is simply amazing, although it may drain a bit faster if you are shooting 4k videos.


Apple iPhone 6s Plus has more advanced Siri with better features. It helps the businessmen in traveling safe and faster. Siri has been made more understanding and easy-to-use. Even the Apple maps are reasonably good, especially for finding places in India. The device also added new data sources to offer the users with accurate data. So, iPhone 6s Plus is a premium Smartphone with features that help it in rising up to the position of the concierge.


iPhone 6S Plus offer the user with the most relaxing and soothing Smartphone experience ever. The users do not have to keep looking at the icon of the battery after every 5 minutes to know how long it will go. The user doesn’t need to move to a new room with a need to search for a PowerPoint. Not only has the battery life made it one of the best Smart phones in the market, the device owns the best camera ever in the business. It is an ideal Smartphone for professionals as it offers an amazing user experience with the help of its powerful processor and the strength of the platform.

So, with better screen size, amazing processing power, incredible camera features and a reliable battery life, Apple’s iPhone 6s Plus possess the ability to be the most dependable business Smartphone that a lot of people need!

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