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Facebook application consumes more battery in iPhone (iOS 9.0.1): fix it

Unlike other application, Facebook application in iPhone drains more battery due to its tracking feature. Some website recommended to turn off tracking feature in the phone. As we followed the same tips, it doesn’t make any changes in our iPhone 6S Smartphone. On the other end, Apple enabled new feature to turn out any  background application refresh that doesn’t belong to Apple. We even turned off all third party application auto-refresh function, but the problem still exists.Facebook-new-video-profile-photo

Facebook replied, “The issue is not caused by improper background location collection. We are not collecting background location on iOS unless Location Access is set to Always on your device and you have enabled Location History in the Facebook app,” said to MC Today

According to the Facebook, the application cannot track location unless it is switched on in iOS setting or FB location history. We used every tip that shared online to solve high battery usage of Facebook application on iPhone. Somehow, I recommend an easy way to manage your battery life on the iPhone.

If you are using Facebook application on iPhone, then it is very hard to solve battery life problem. Moreover, Facebook is a one of  the top social giant, where you spend most of the time. It has now become an all-in-one services. Facebook enable users to chat, built business online, share your moments and much more. Switch-off autoplay videos and audio files in FB application can also helpful to reduce over battery usage. If the problem still exists, uninstall application and sign-in Facebook in Safari browser. Tap on share option, where you can find “add to home screen” option. Ensure that, you added a Facebook mobile version to home screen.

You can also download alternative FB app (paper), it consumes less battery than Facebook application. Paper application has got a magazine style layer  like FB application, but not as rich as official applications. We look forward more updates and news on Facebook, stay connected and share your opinion in the comment section below.

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