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Without your permission, more than 1,000 apps are stolen your data, learn about it

If you’re using an Android phone, it may have happened many times that you’ve been asked by the app for a data permit.

This permission is sought to allow you to choose which data will be accessed by the app. Now, a group of researchers has released that even after not obtaining data permissions, there are many applications that have access to many information, including user location. Read this post about to know about this post: 

More than 1,000 apps mining data without permission Android Data Permission prevents developers from accessing data that users have not granted permissions. However, according to CNET’s report, an International Computer Science Institute research team said 1325 applications bypass these restrictions. This information comes after studying and tracking 88,000 apps, how to extract personal data without access.

First method: Using photo geolocation:
Some flagged apps use photo metadata, geolocation to track users, according to researchers. Shutterfly, the popular photo editing app, was found using this method. Extracting GPS user coordinates from photos, it transmits data to its servers. However, the company has incorrectly stated this claim and said that they are not illegally collecting any data.

Second way: To collect data using the second app:
Some apps collect information without permissions using other programs that are based on similar software development kits. Some apps collect information without permissions using other applications based on similar software development kits.

Third Way: Use of Wi-Fi Network for Location:
This extracts your networking chip and routers, wireless access points and SSIDs by extending the MAC address. In the coming time, researchers will release more details about these 1325 programs.

Android Q is working on fixing this:
Google has immediately started working on this issue by noticing this problem. Many issues are handled in Android Q.

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