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World Emoji Day celebrated by millions on the web

On iOS, Apple operating system for iPhones and iPads, calendar emoji and monthly calendar shows the July 17 on the calendar icon. World Emoji Day is a current trend on the internet right from Thursday, people started to celebrate the day with their friends and also with everyone from celebrities to companies. What’s Special about the World emoji day? Twitter ...

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Facebook made a subtle but significant changes to ‘friends’ and ‘groups’ icons

Have you noticed the new icons on Facebook? It has been changed. The world’s largest social network has swapped the male and female figures in ‘friends’ and ‘groups’ icons with subtle, but significant changes. The female figure moved to the front, on the same level as the male figure, as a symbol of equality. Earlier, the female figure in the ‘friends’ icon was ...

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Twitter asks your age for advertisers, in exchange of some animated balloons

Twitter, Inc. (NASDAQ:TWTR) want to celebrate your birthday, and it asks you to update your birth date on your profile. The microblogging platform will send you animated balloons on your birthday and let your followers know about your birthday. It won’t stop here – Twitter will also provide your birth date and age information to the mighty advertisers on the platform ...

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