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A new kind of ‘horned’ dinosaur discovered by scientists

If you are a fan of ‘Jurassic World’ you will definitely be excited to know that a new dinosaur has been discovered by the scientists. It is considered among the oldest ones and it has been named as “Wendy’s horned-face”. The research was published by the Cleveland Museum of Natural History’s Michael Ryan and Evans this week in PLOS ONE, ...

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Drought-weary Californians can’t expect much from the mountains too

Not much encouragement can be expected from the mountains by Drought-weary Californians. On Friday, the officials said that the there is a lack of snow that fills the Colorado River. The range of snowpack in Wyoming and Colorado valleys from where the river originates is 51-79 percent of the normal, said the supervisor of US Department of Agriculture Snow Survey, Brian ...

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Extinct Myanmar Birds ‘Jerdon’s Babbler’ Habitat found near Irrawaddy River

Due to the increasing amount of global warming and deforestation, many birds and various species of animals became extinct and could not be traced back. Many extinctive birds disappeared over night and were not rediscovered again. But this time, luck was in favor of nature. A small bird which was assumed to have gone into extinction has been relieved in ...

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Mars had more water than the Arctic Ocean, NASA study says

Scientists have already established the fact that Mars had abundant water at some point of time in history. There were many speculations were made about quantities of water on Mars. As per the latest data, the planet contained more water than the Arctic Ocean. The planet had ocean to a depth of around a mile and occupied half of its northern ...

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DeepMind AI’s DQN is the most intelligent program

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most sought after features for any program or a system. The computer that can play games like Pong and Space Invaders easily, will be considered by many as the most artificially intelligent computer. The program deep Q-Network (DQN) is considered the most artificially intelligent systems, as the program has already mastered more that 50 ...

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