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Just Cause 3 for Xbox, PS4 and PC game will have 400 square mile map

After a successful journey with “Just Cause” two editions, Square Enix game studio is all set to release the next series in the month of December. According to the review, “Just Cause” third series is an open world action and adventure game for all platform gamers. It was developed and published by Square Enix studio. The game developer announced “Just Cause 3” game on November 11, 2014 and set to release in the Christmas holiday. Just Cause 3 going to unlock in three different platforms (PS4, Xbox and PC version). Consumers are so excited to experience action Just Cause 3 (set the world in fire edition) from Square Enix studio. just-cause-3game-for-pc-xbox-ps4

In the recent news, the game developer exposed upcoming “Just Cause 3” will cover 400 square miles map. From the total map, the developer made three major partitions in the region. The first region is an agricultural area and depict as “medley of wealthy and poor towns”. Secondly, we have military bases with the tagline “very poor fishy towns” followed by forest region. Forest region can also describe as “mountainous wilderness region”.  The arcade game brings weaponized vehicle pack such as urga combat buggy, kernel rocket launcher sports car, mugello mini gun speed boat and capstoneblood hound RPG.

Square Enix says, “This island paradise provides the player with a highly explosive playground of destruction coming December 1st 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and high-end Windows PC”.

Roland Lesterlin (Game director) stated “ To a lots of people, size is just, kind of beginning. It used to be a point when we were way bigger than anybody else. I think people have been expanding their world quite a lot and it’s been really impressive, ” said to mobile computing today.

 Just Cause 3 game price detail is already listed in GameSpot website. In the Xbox and PS4 version, the day one edition priced with $59.99 and billing will not occur until shipment procedure complete. Xbox and PS4 platform will cost more than the PC version ($40). A couple of months to go for the launch, we look forward pricing detail and more updates on Just Cause 3. Feel free to share your opinion about the trailer in the comment section below.

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