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Patreon crowd funding website user data that include passwords, donation record and personal information leaked online

Patreon website hackers publicized 15 GB data that includes artist password, source code, donation record and users account detail. Moreover, Experts came to know that data hackers also got access in users private messages on Patreon website. The best part, it doesn’t include any credit card information. Patreon-website-got-hacked-users forced-to-change-their-password

All leaked data scattered like a lighting speed over the internet. Later on, someone has instantly republished as a Patreon data dump. It was very hard to figure out the legitimacy of the data. After reviewing some leaked files and web content, Troy Hunt (security researcher) came into conclusion that data belongs to Patreon server. He also added, “Downloading large archive file and web content, unzipping, and accessing SQL database consumes more time”.

Patreon co-founder says, “unauthorized person accessed Patreon database that includes users personal information”. Later on, the website engineer team has blocked the access to prevent from future problems. The hackers breached Patreon website data like Ashely Madison website, which got hacked in August. Cyber security couldn’t able to figure-out the person behind the all this issue.

Previously, Troy Hunt assumed source code exists… is interesting [and] suggests much more than just a typical SQL injection attack and points to a broader compromise.

Troy Hunt is currently working to index email addresses and recover from damage as soon as possible. He also found over 2.3 million email addresses along with his own account in the list.

Thousands of account detail that includes users’ email address spreads in various locations. Jack Conte says, “The founder of Patreon website is trying to count the accounts, which are suspended contains stolen personal data”. ““Patreon was all about getting the trust of users, so it can provide their service safely and securely,” he told to Mobile Computing Today.
He also recommended all users to change their old password with new one. Furthermore, they are on the issues and putting all effort to make it secure.

As most of the data leaked over the internet, Patreon team bringing safe fix that will prevent website from hackers in the future. Stay connected to get latest news update of Patreon website.

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