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Facebook adds looping video features in the user profile picture

Facebook introduced 5 new things in their social network for the billions of users. Most of the people haven’t noticed these features, but it is really cool.Facebook-new-video-profile-photo

Basically, Facebook is one kind of all in one setup for the people. It can be a part of business, advertisement, entertainment and communication. This year, we have listed some cool stuff of social networking giant.

  • Have you ever notice, some users pin a set of 5 featured photos on the top profile. This will help others to identify the person, before sending the friend request. You can also manage featured photos with your favorite stuff such as a pet animal, work, selfies, hobbies etc.
  • If you want a random changes to profile photos. Facebook brings temporary profile photo features, which exactly work similar to random profile photo. Let’s say, you want to keep a profile picture for a particular period. Mostly, in the case of festival, event, birthday, celebration, holidays, weekends etc. Facebook rollout temporary profile picture, which enables to add a photo for a particular period of time. As soon as time ends, it will automatically revert to the old profile photo.
  • Facebook added a privacy feature to hide your personal information in about tab. You can now select personal information to public or private. About tab is really useful to other users, whether you are known or unknown person. Moreover, the bio field lets you to add a 100 word description. Users are now able to change their any personal information status into public or private options.
  • The best thing ever seen in social network giant has been its video profile picture. Yes! You may notice this feature in Twitter. This was not only featured in Twitter, but also in Snapchat application. Snapchat call it as lenses, which detect facial via front facing camera and enable to add effects. When it was first rolled out through the official application update, some users lenses not working in the latest version. Later on, Snapchat released new update, which fixes bug issue. Facebook had brought a similar kind of features, that let users to record their 7 seconds video by tapping on add profile photo options and set as a profile picture. It automatically plays on every story update without audio. Currently, this feature is tested and rolled out for some users. Hopefully, the Facebook video profile picture will soon reach all users in the coming days.
  • The social network giant, Facebook expand their network not only in the web version, but also in mobile. Now-a-days, 60 percent people depend on Smartphone and tablet to make tasks easier. It is weightless, easy to handle, reliable and user-friendly. Facebook has their mobile designed social application and messengers to chat. A few months back, the company launched FB elite application for cheaper devices. Facebook elite is a small sized application with minimum features, consume small data and faster processing Facebook application.

We look forward more news update on Facebook. Stay connected and write your opinion on the comment section below.


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