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Create and set up PSN account: use your PS4 online

Create and set up PSN account: use your PS4 online

If you only use a local user on your PS4, you will not be able to use several functions. You must create a PSN account if you also want to use the Internet features of the console. How to do the setup and what settings to set should be explained to you.

Create a PSN account through PlayStation 4 or computer

You can create an account for the PlayStation Network directly from your console. You can do this already locally on the PS4 or PS4 Pro account and then “New on PlayStation Network Create an account now” open. Then you choose “Register now”. Below you will need to enter your master data, including your birthday. This is also important because you can buy games in the PlayStation Store, for example, that are released only for users over 18 years.

You should then set your PSN ID carefully. This is the alias that appears in online games. You can not change it later – so maybe take a few minutes. If you are already playing multiplayer titles on the Internet on other platforms, you certainly already have a nickname. Then only hopes that your desired name is not already assigned to another user.

For the PSN account, you also have to enter your real name. Other players will not be able to see it – but in the Friends settings, you can choose to allow “Close Friends” to read your first and last names. After making some privacy settings, all you have to do is agree to Sony’s terms of service. You will receive an e-mail containing a link. You will verify your account and the setup is complete.

Make privacy settings

As you set up your PSN account, you can already set preferences for your privacy. Otherwise, you can access the options at any time by going to “Settings” on PS4 and then selecting “Account Management”. Then go to the item “Privacy Settings”.

Specify who can see your friends list and a list of games in your possession. You can also set who can send you a friend request or even messages. Especially if you set up an account for a minor, you may want to make sure that your protege can not make friends and communicate with strangers about PSN without your supervision.

PlayStation Plus for multiplayer and free games

For your PSN account, Sony offers the subscription service PlayStation Plus. If you pay the monthly fees, you can play games online on the PlayStation 4 and get discounts on the PlayStation Store. There are also new free games for you every month. We’ve described all the benefits of PlayStation Plus in another guide for you – including a comparison to Xbox Live Gold.

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