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YouTube is all set to release 2-in-1 subscription service by the end of October

YouTube, one of largest free video streaming website decided to unveil premium service. This feature is all set to release in 2-in-1 subscription service by the end of October. The parent website has already sent all channel owners to agree their new terms and condition via mail. The paid subscription will provide the steady home-grown talent that paycheck every month to the channel owner rather than elite content from the TV studio. Bloomberg reports, the top stars of YouTube including PewDiePie and Smosh are already selected as a contributor. These channels will go live in paid subscription once launched.youtube-paid-subscription

All YouTube fans have to accept a new term that adds “ads-free version in YouTube” before 22nd October 2015.

Last year, YouTube has planned paid subscription. Later on, there was no news update on the release date. YouTube executives with the content owner aimed to launch in midsummer, but postponed to end of 2015. According to the reports, this is a single service from the video streaming service. It seems to multiple updates due to the launch of beta music key and paid subscriptions. YouTube new add-on varies from normal video streaming, that is ad-free features. Users need to spend few bucks monthly to enable ad-free video streaming service.

It is clearly stated in the new agreement, YouTube is on the way with more choice, they planned to unveil ads-free version on YouTube. For those, who wants to watch videos without any ads are enabled to pay monthly fees. This will generate Channel owner a new way of earning from YouTube.

At a glance, Take a look at some part of YouTube updated terms and conditions:

“To accept, simply log into YouTube.com as “pakafka” from a desktop or laptop and follow the prompts by October 22nd.

If you haven’t signed by that date, your videos will no longer be available for public display or monetization in the United States. That outcome would be a loss for YouTube, a loss for the thriving presence you’ve built on the platform, and above all, a loss for your fans. We remain committed to working with you, as we always have. And of course, at any time, you can accept the updated terms which will make your videos public and monetizable again. Common FAQs can be found here”.


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