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iOS 9 pass code hacks: allows to access contacts and photos in 30 seconds

Recently, Zerodium cyber security announced 1 million dollar cash prize one who hack iOS 9. This is only to find the weakness of latest operating system. According to the press release, Hackers are allowed to use text message or webpage to bypass iO9 security and need to install an application on iPhone or iPad. The deadline is set for October 31, one who hack iOS 9 powered iPhone or iPad will be rewarded with $1 million.ios-9-for-iphone-ipad-iwatch-ipod

Zerodium says, “But don’t be fooled. Secure does not mean unbreakable, it just means that iOS has currently the highest cost and complexity of vulnerability exploitation and here is where the million dollar iOS 9 bug bounty comes into play.”

Few days back, EverythingApplePro channel uploaded a video showing easy way to bypass iOS 9 pass code. This isn’t limited to just iPhone, it works on latest version iPad and iPod as well. Video blogger break pass code with not more than 1 minute and used Siri in lock screen as a hacking tool.

Apple iOS 9 is the most secure operating system ever, but still we could find small bug that allows to access photos and contacts. It doesn’t matter with 4 digit pass code or fingerprint security enabled. You can easily bypass iOS 9 and access user personal data.

Apple has redesigned latest version security features that bring 4-5 attempts in pass code. Here you need to waste 4 attempts with wrong digit. In the 5th Attempt, enter 4 digits and hold the homescreen button with final digit. This will take you to the Siri voice assistant. Now ask Siri to “What’s the time”. In result, Siri will initiate the clock and display the clock icon. Tap on the clock icon to add a new clock. You may need to add country in the clock menu, enter a random alphabet. Select all entered words that pop up three pop-out cut, copy and share button. You need to use share feature and enter the Message application. Try to use a random word to add new contact. Once you are done with it, access photo library under add photo option. This all worked as your lock screen hidden in background. The only thing to feel secure is to disable Siri application in pass code. It can be done by accessing touch ID and pass code option under the settings menu.

If you do think, Your iPhone or iPad is insecure. Don’t forget to add your reason in the comment section below.


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