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Samsung Will Not Launch Galaxy S10 as their First 5G Phone

Samsung Will Not Launch Galaxy S10 as their First 5G Phone

Samsung recently launched their Galaxy Note 9 and the sale of this model will start within the next few days. The next premium model by the company will be Galaxy S10 which is expected to arrive next year in March. We are regularly bringing updates for you about this model. Samsung Galaxy S10 will have the 5G Support as CEO DJ Koh officially informed the same. However, he further added that it will not be the first phone where users will get the 5G Support. This is big information for Samsung lovers because they may see another premium model by the company at the beginning of next year.

The speculations are rife because many reports say that the company is working on a foldable smartphone for many months. The CEO of the company was talking to the media through a press event. He gave the hint that the launch date of the foldable smartphone may not be very far. Therefore the chances are that we may see the foldable smartphone with 5G Support. It can be the first model with this support by the company. Many people are saying that the price of this model can be close to $1500. Therefore it is not tough to understand that the level of premium gadgets may further increase from next year. It is almost certain that many other makers will bring similar gadgets to the market. Therefore we may see the foldable gadgets from 2019 with many makers adding it to the premium category.

People close to the industry are also saying that Samsung may bring the 5G Support on their Galaxy ‘A’ series models. But we still have to check this report thoroughly. Some experts were claiming that Samsung was looking to launch the foldable model soon. Therefore they may merge their other two premium lineup to make it one. The same may not happen within the next one or two years because the price of the foldable device may not be the same as Galaxy ‘S’ series or ‘Note’ series after the launch. Therefore the company will prefer to give more alternatives to the buyers. The industry will surely change after the arrival of 5G gadgets. Many other makers like Huawei, OnePlus and Lenovo are also working to bring the 5G gadgets next year. Therefore Samsung may prefer to merge the current premium series in the future after launching the foldable gadget. However, it will take some time. The CEO of the company didn’t rule out the possibility for the same.

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