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OnePlus 6T can have a Triple Camera Setup and a Drop-like Notch

OnePlus 6T can have a Triple Camera Setup and a Drop-like Notch

OnePlus is now a big brand of the market. Their models are famous among those who are looking for a premium model. The best part about OnePlus is that they are still offering the gadgets at a competitive price even after increasing the price regularly with every model. They recently brought OnePlus 6 in the market and now they are looking to bring OnePlus 6T for their fans. The appearance of OnePlus 6T may grab the attention after the release. The gadget can have a glass back similar to the current model. However, there are some points which will make this smartphone different.

The first important point is the camera for this upcoming device. A new leaked video suggests that the company is looking to offer a triple camera setup in this device. This is a big change for many users if OnePlus actually decides to bring this setup.  We discussed with you that Samsung was looking to add triple camera setup in Galaxy S10 next year, but it seems that OnePlus may become the first brand to include this setup. The in-display fingerprint sensor is the second point which may bring the difference in this series. The smartphone can also have a drop-like notch. It may give a new gaze to the model.

Many experts are confident that these changes are expected in OnePlus 6T. Oppo is another brand who is getting ready to offer similar things in their upcoming device. Here it is important to discuss here that BBK Electronics is the parent company of OnePlus and Oppo. Therefore it will not be a big surprise if both the makers offer a similar type of models. OnePlus 6T can have the 128GB internal capacity and you may get 8GB of RAM. There will not be a huge difference between OnePlus 6T and OnePlus 6. However, some changes may make the device different from its predecessor. You may find the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor here.

OnePlus is not saying anything about their upcoming device at this time. The gadget may arrive by the end of this year. Therefore these are just the speculations about this device. OnePlus and Oppo belong to the same parent company. Moreover, industry experts have noticed the similarities in their models before. It helped them to analyze the upcoming OnePlus 6T model. We still have to wait for a few more months to see what OnePlus is going to offer by the end of this year.

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