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Wavelength Division Multiplexers (WDM) Market To Hit US$ 35.40 Bn By 2026 – Credence Research

According to a new market research report published by Credence Research “Wavelength Division Multiplexers (WDM) Market (Multiplexer Type – Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexer (DWDM) and Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexer (CWDM); End-use – IT & Telecom, BFSI, Academics & Institutes, Manufacturing & Operations, Logistics, Hospitality, Retail and Healthcare)  – Growth, Future Prospects and Competitive Analysis, 2018 – 2026”, the global wavelength division multiplexers market is set to expand with promising CAGR of 11.0% throughout the forecast period to cross US$ 35 Bn by 2026.

Market Insights

The overall wavelength division multiplexer market is set to demonstrate the promising growth of 11.0% across the forecast period, primarily due to swiftly growing Internet traffic worldwide. In recent years explosive growth in Internet activities such as multimedia communications & networking, paved an ever-rising demand for network capacity, bandwidth and transmission rates. Development of optical networks and use of wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) technology enables organizations to cater dynamic demands of customers with enhanced capacity of fiber optics. WDM is an advanced technology that multiplexes multiple optical signals onto a single fiber by using different colors of light or wavelengths. Conventional fiber optics multiplex 80-100 channels on a single fiber, whereas new advancement in multiplexing technology known as WDM technology increases these numbers even higher by multiple times. With the constant penetration of Internet services, additional Internet bandwidth demand estimated to remain the most prominent factor responsible for WDM market growth across the worldwide.

Wavelength Division Multiplexers (WDM) Market

The overall WDM market segmented based on multiplexer type and end-use. By multiplexer type, market led by Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexer (DWDM) accounting for over 50% of the total market value. This is mainly due to ease of DWDM technology to integrate with equipment in the network, along with gaining access to the untouched capacity of the rooted fiber. Asia Pacific was the largest market for WDM technology in 2017. The region accounted for over 1/3rd of the overall market value produced worldwide. The Asia Pacific is also set to demonstrate the highest growth across the forecast period, mainly due to rapidly growing fiber optics network in South Korea, China and Japan.

Browse the full report at  https://www.credenceresearch.com/report/wavelength-division-multiplexers-wdm-market

WDM market primarily supported by the organizations having heavy reliance over Internet connectivity. Presently, optical fibers possess an ability to carry information about a hundred times faster than was possible just five years ago, such radical competence achieved with advanced technology such as WDM technology. WDM technology networks believed to be significantly beneficial for enterprises requiring the high volume of data streaming across their overall operation. These benefits include reduced network latency, advanced capability & reliability for data transfer. Realizing the potential of WDM technology, long-distance data carriers such as MCI, Inc., AT&T Inc. and others evade laying expensive new cables, instead, they simply pump additional wavelengths with existing fibers. With the continually rising volume of data transfer worldwide, WDM technology is set to witness higher demand in the following years.

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