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BlackBerry to Unveil KEY 2 LE with Lowered Specs than KEY2

BlackBerry to Unveil KEY2LE with Lowered Specs than KEY2

BlackBerry was one of the most famous brands around a decade ago. However, they were not able to change their models as per the demand and the makers lost their track. Now TCL is working to re-establish the BlackBerry brand once again. We saw BlackBerry KEY2 some time ago and now the company is ready to bring BlackBerry KEY2LE soon. The price is going to be less than KEY2. Therefore it will be interesting to see how this model is going to contribute to the company to restore the BlackBerry brand in the market.

The new leaked report says that BlackBerry KEY2LE can have Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 processor. A few days ago some industry experts were saying that the model can have Snapdragon 660 processor. Therefore BlackBerry “fans” need to keep their fingers crossed at this point. There can be two different models as they may get the option to choose from 32GB and 64GB. Therefore this smartphone may arrive with two variants with 4GB RAM. The weight can be 156 grams whereas the expected dimensions are 150.25*71.8*8.35 mm. The resolutions and the screen size may not be very different this time also. You may find the same 4.5-inch screen with 1080*1620 pixels.

BlackBerry is going to provide their keyboard in this smartphone. The spacebar of the gadget may work like a fingerprint sensor. Therefore it is going to be among the most unique fingerprint sensors in the industry. There are chances that we may not see the same trackpad functionality as other BlackBerry Key devices. The rear dual camera setup can have 13MP+5MP sensors. It is tough to comment on the performance of this camera. There is no information about the front camera at this point. BlackBerry is now eager to establish them into the market as soon as possible. They are also working on another series ‘Evolve’ with a different appearance.

The upcoming BlackBerry KEY2LE can have a 3000 mAh battery. The power of this battery may not be the same as KEY2 which is understandable. It is important to check the price of this gadget carefully if you have any plans for this model. It is a known fact that BlackBerry is not keeping the price of their devices competitive. They should keep the price as per the specifications which they are offering in a gadget. We are still waiting for the official release date of this model.

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