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Pocophone F1: Affordable Flagship Model by Xiaomi

Pocophone F1: Affordable Flagship Model by Xiaomi

Xiaomi is now planning to develop an affordable flagship series to offer a true experience of premium specifications. The success of OnePlus in the premium segment has encouraged the already popular brand Xiaomi to bring something new for their customers. We have seen a number of brands who tried different things to make the premium segments successful. However, many among them did not get any success. The same was not with OnePlus. Their models are now highly popular among the masses as they are offering flagship models with good specifications. Xiaomi established them in the industry by offering some good quality models without increasing the price. Now, they are ready to bring something new for their fans.

Pocophone series by Xiaomi is going to be completely new and this series will be all about ‘affordable’ flagship models. The company is now working to bring the top speed experience with some influential specs which will compete with the premium models in the market. The gadget will also offer a good experience to the gamers. Xiaomi recently did the partnership with Qualcomm and they are saying that the brand will be ready to offer the experience which they never got before. The new ‘affordable’ series Poco phone will be different from the existing series. Xiaomi will launch the first model under this series as Pocophone F1 with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor.

Xiaomi is looking to add a dual camera setup in this smartphone with 12MP+5MP sensors at the front section whereas the front sensor can be of 20MP. There can be a special cooling system in this smartphone. Therefore you will get the option to play the games for long hours without worrying about the heat-related issues. It can have an FHD+ display and the screen size can be 6.1-inch. There can be three different models here with 64GB/128GB/256GB internal capacities. There is no specific information for RAM at this point. Some experts are claiming that we will see 6GB RAM while others are saying that 8GB RAM is going to power this device.

There are two points which will make the device a good choice for many people. We all know that the battery of the premium smartphone can make or break the deal. Xiaomi knows this thing very well. It is the reason that they may add a 4000 mAh battery here. You may get Quick Charge 3.0 Support in this device. The second point is the price. Many specialists are saying that Xiaomi may prefer to launch this device at around $500 only. Therefore users can get powerful specifications without paying a big amount. The gadget may work with custom OS MIUI 9.5 out-of-the-box.

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