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Leaked Specs of Google Pixel 3 XL Hint Notch Display

Leaked Specs of Google Pixel 3 XL Hint Notch Display

Samsung recently brought their premium model Galaxy Note 9. The next premium model based on Android will be Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL. The industry will keep an eye on these models as they will be available to compete with the same model as well as the next iPhone. We still have to wait for minimum two months to check the official specifications. However, some details of Google Pixel 3 XL have already been leaked and these specifications hint that the gadget will be capable of competing with the best after the release.

The next edition of Google Pixel can have a 12MP camera at the back and you may find the 8MP camera in the front section. The sensors of this smartphone can be better than the current model. Furthermore, the camera of this gadget can have better features. The resolutions can be very similar to the current edition but we still have to wait for the official specifications. Pixel 3 XL can have a big notch located at the top section. The makers may offer Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor here and it will work Android 9.0 Pie operating system.

Google is looking to include 4GB RAM in this smartphone. We may get 64GB base model here and the company may offer the wired version of the Pixel Bud headphones. The screen size can be 6.7-inch and the resolutions can be 1440*2960 pixels. It can have 3430 mAh battery. These specifications are not the official announcement by the makers at this time. However, still, many experts are talking about the battery power here. They are saying that if these are the specifications of Google Pixel 3 XL, then the power of the battery will be the first thing to check after the release. This battery may not be sufficient for many users if we check the other specifications of this device.

There are so many makers who are offering 6GB and 8GB RAM these days. Google may offer 4GB RAM in this device. It is undoubtedly shocking for the industry. It is important for Google to offer the specifications which can actually offer a tough competition to other brands. There is no information if Google has any plan to offer the dual camera setup in this gadget. This Pixel 3 XL can have Adreno 630 GPU. We will discuss the specifications with you after the release.

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