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Palm Phones to Return Once Again

Palm Phones to Return Once Again

It is not very surprising if you do not even remember Palm phones. Many people among us do not even know the name of this brand. It was the era prior to the iPhone when people were aware of this brand. Later on, the market changed a lot and this brand died a slow death. Now some reports from FCC and Wi-Fi Alliance suggest that this brand is on the revival mode as a new Palm device is on the way. The new listing for the FCC is talking about the name PVG100. There are some related technical data also. However, the exact details of the gadget are not available at this point.

The new report suggests that TCL is working to revive the Palm brand once again. We may see Palm-branded smartphone by the end of the year. The report arrived through Wi-Fi Alliance suggests that the upcoming model may work with Android 8.1Oreo OS and Wi-Fi b/g/n can be the part of it. The Wi-Fi edition is expected to be compatible with 2.4GHz frequency. Therefore the chances are that we may see a midrange gadget of Palm. Moreover, the gadget is not going to work with the current operating system if they are bringing the device by the end of 2018. These two points cannot be neglected and it clearly suggests that the makers are looking for a midrange spot.

We can easily understand that TCL may first like to revive the brand by bringing a midrange smartphone. They can surely bring some more gadgets with high specifications next year. Palm may arrive in the market after the gap of seven years. They brought their last model in 2011 as HP launched the model as Pre 3. The model didn’t perform well as per the expectations as the company withdrew support for all WebOS devices on the next day.

The company may not prefer to bring any device with the old WebOS. They are looking to bring the gadgets with the Android operating system. We are still waiting for the additional information to check the feature of this device. Some experienced specialists say that Palm was like the base of the iPhone models. Apple got the idea of smartphone features and touchscreen interface from Palm. The Cupertino based company became the leader of the industry and later on many other brands also arrived in the market. The tough competition didn’t give any chance to Palm to survive. However, now the Palm brand is expected to be the part of the industry once again. We have to wait for a few more months to know more about it.

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