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Snapchat Users Declined for the First Time

Snapchat Users Declined for the First Time

Snapchat brought some changes to their app some time ago. We discussed the complete information about it with you last time. The company was hoping that their users may like the new design but it seems that the same has not happened as per the latest reports. The total number of Snapchat users declined for the first time in the second quarter of the year. Many experts feel that the same has happened due to the change in the design. They are saying that people didn’t find the change user-friendly and it was the reason that they decided to switch to the competitors.

The new report says that Snapchat lost 3 million daily active users within a short span of time. The same has not happened with the platform before. Therefore we can say that the new design didn’t go down well with the users. It forced them to stop using Snapchat frequently. There are some other reasons also due to which we are witnessing the decline in the user base. These days many other similar platforms are offering the same features. Therefore it is not compulsory for the users to log out from the one platform to use the same feature in another platform. Many people do not want to make the things complicated by using different platforms. Therefore they prefer not to go anywhere if they are getting the same feature on their primary platform.

The company informed officially said that they are working regularly for many months to improve their platform. They have taken the feedback from the users and they are working on it. Snapchat also agrees that the redesign has caused disruption. The company may change their plans in the future to address the concerns of the users. The parent company Snap informed that the users have declined to 188 million from 191 million but they are ready for the new challenge.

There is one point which is favourable for the company. The total revenue of the company has increased 44 per cent and it is now $262 million. The company is now optimistic and they are ready to bring innovative features in the coming months. They are already planning for some investments to bring innovative things. There is no doubt that Snapchat is facing some tough competition from other platforms. They have to bring new features to keep the user base in the future. It is the only way through which they can stay in the market.

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