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Razer Phone 2 May Arrive by the End of 2018

Razer Phone 2 May Arrive by the End of 2018

Razer brought their first smartphone in November last year. The gadget showed some promising characteristics to gamers and now the company is looking to launch the next edition. The work is already going on for Razer Phone 2. The smartphone is expected to be loaded with some astonishing features plus influential hardware. The next edition of the Razer Phone can also be a good choice for many gamers. The Vice-President of Razer Global said at ChinaJoy 2018 event that the company is looking to add the latest Qualcomm chip in the upcoming Razer phone.

The hint given by the VP of the company suggests that the gadget can have some powerful specifications with the latest processor. You may already know that Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 is the latest processor by Qualcomm. However, the upcoming model Razer Phone 2 may arrive by the end of this year. Therefore the chances are that we may get Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor here. The company is looking to launch this model in China. It is an interesting move by the makers because they didn’t bring the first edition of the model for the Chinese market. Now they have plans for China. They may first bring this upcoming model in China before releasing it in other parts of the world.

The specs of first Razer phone were impressive enough to be called as a competitor for other brands. They currently do not belong to the league of Samsung, Huawei and many other famous brands if we check the market of the company. The company is working to bring their second model only. Therefore it is tough to comment on the future of the company. The makers are satisfied with the response of the market. It is the only reason that they are planning to bring the next model this year. Qualcomm may bring their next chip by the end of 2018. Therefore we still have to see how the makers are going to design their model and bring it for their fans.

It seems that the company is looking to establish themselves in the field of gaming gadgets only. Therefore we still have to check what updates they bring when they launch their next Razer phone model. The industry and the users will undoubtedly expect to see new gaming-related innovations in this model. We will share more updates about Razor Phone 2 in coming months.

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