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Skype can’t connect, group chats glitch and “you are offline” error in online status will get fixed soon

Skype is one of the top online telephone and video calling service provided by Microsoft. Few hours back, the application acquired a minor glitch that prompts an error “you are offline” while using the call feature in online mode. Don’t panic, your account is not hacked or call function is suspended. This is not just you, the worldwide user account has been exaggerated by bug issues. It’s just a technical error in the application. The users are also reports, some message to group chat is not being delivered even though in high speed internet.Microsoft-rolled-out-Skype-6.0-update

Skype owner (Microsoft) says, “Luckily, these problems doesn’t effect in the business account”

Due to some technical reasons, Skype account will take some time in credit balance and profile update. When we tried to report all errors, it consumes more time to load the Skype community page.   According to the Skype official blogspot, “Users may also face difficulty loading web pages on the Skype Community”.   There is no issue in web services such as instant messaging and calls. So, users can access Skype calls and messaging service on Skype web. All users lost their network flaw and outcome can’t connect error. Skype support official tweets, they are working on the issue and will find the fix soon.   In

In the latest official tweet, “We’re pleased to say we’ve found and are now rectifying the Skype problem you may have had today”

The developer recently announced Skype for Windows 10 operating system. This is not a right time to roll out a new update for Windows platform. The BBC reports, Skype went down at 9.00 am in the United Kingdom due to some technical reason. Microsoft detected a glitch on application status setting that turned offline even though in online mode. The developer is working on the issues and will find the fixes for all the issues. If you do face any error, let know on comment section below. Stay connected with us socially to get latest update on Skype application.


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