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Watch Earth as a 3D Globe on Google Maps

Watch Earth as a 3D Globe on Google Maps

The earth now appears to be in a different way if you are using Google Maps. The company has now updated their tool to give a new appearance to the earth on the map. It means that the earth will not appear flat if you zoom out. The people were expecting this change from the past few months but Google took their time to show the new outcome. Google Maps desktop application now shows the earth as a globe. You may already know that we were watching the areas as a flat surface but the new update by Google shows the earth in a different way.

This is certainly a welcome change by the Google. The company was using the customary Mercator projection before. This tool was supportive if we were looking for a two-dimensional format of the area. The map on the old format was not capable enough to show the right size of landmasses. However, the new format has changed the method. The areas are appearing in a correct manner. Now you will not face any confusion if you want to check the total area of any place. The previous technique was not showing the correct size of the place. Many times, the areas were appearing bigger than the original size. Now the company has updated the map and now you can easily judge the places in an accurate manner.

Google was regularly updating the Maps app but this update was pending from a long time. The update is finally here. Now if you zoom out the Google maps, you will get the 3D image of the globe. Earlier, it used to give the 2D view only which was not good enough to know the places. The previous method of showing the globe was not good enough to know the areas thoroughly. You may have noticed that the areas located at the higher altitudes were appearing closer to the poles. It was giving the impression that those areas were bigger than the areas located near to the equator.

The new update has removed this fault. Now, you can easily see the areas with the correct locations. Therefore, in short, we can say that Google has removed the issue of the wrong display. The 3D of the globe can bring the correct appearance. Now you can simply zoom out completely to get the idea of the globe.

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