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iOS 12 Beta Hints the Arrival of iPhone X Plus

iOS 12 Beta Hints the Arrival of iPhone X Plus

A few days ago we discussed the upcoming iPad Pro features with you. We told you that how iOS12 Beta was confirming the specifications of this upcoming iPad version. Now there are some additional reports. This time also the same operating system is providing the hints related to the upcoming iPhone model. IOS13 Beta almost confirms that we may see iPhone X Plus this year. Apple brought iPhone X to celebrate their tenth anniversary. Now, it seems that the company is looking to further extend this series as the premium iPhone model. There are some sections in IOS 12 Beta which clearly provides the clue that we may see iPhone X Plus this year.

Apple is looking to bring three iPhone models this year. Many specialists are saying that one model can be iPhone X Plus. We were talking about this smartphone for some time. It seems that Apple is already working on this model as iOS12 Beta indicates about it through a leaked image. There is a leaked icon in the software which hints that Apple is ready to bring iPhone X Plus. There are some unfinished icons leaked through the firmware. The icons are appearing to be of the upcoming iPhone model. If you check the size of these icons, then you can easily notice the difference. They are big enough to be placed under the category of iPhone X Plus.

There is one important point we would like to mention here. These are just the part of the Beta edition of IOS. Therefore we cannot inform with complete surety that Apple is definitely going to bring iPhone X Plus this year. The plans of Apple are always unpredictable. They have changed their plans before. It is advisable to wait for a few more weeks because Apple may discuss something next month. We were looking to provide some clues because the same has happened with iPhone X also. The gadget was in news before the release.

If the reports related to iPhone X Plus are true, then we may find the screen size close to 6.5 inches. The gadget can also have a sleep/wake button on the right side. You may not find the same buttons on other iPhone models. Apple is interested to bring iPhone models for different categories. iPhone X Plus can be the premium iPhone model of this year. We are still waiting for some new reports. Stay tuned for more updates related to these models.

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