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Dating Feature by Facebook May Become a Reality

Dating Feature by Facebook May Become a Reality

Facebook is working to bring the dating feature for their users. They are now planning to compete with mobile dating apps like Bumble and Tinder. A new leaked report says that they are currently testing the dating features internally with their employees. The app researchers are getting some solid evidence that the company is working to bring the dating product for their users. Some leaked guidelines are there for the employees which give the instruction to check the dating product. The new function by Facebook for their employees suggests testing the features of the upcoming service. They want to make sure that the service is free from bugs and it should be ready to offer the right kind of characteristics.

Many specialists are saying that Facebook has asked their employees to use fake data to test the feature. They have been asked to delete all the data prior to the public launch. There is no official report that when the feature is going to be launched. However, one thing is certain that we do not have wait for long to check this feature. There are a number of dating apps available but the arrival of Facebook in this segment may change the market. The popular dating apps will get a big competition from the biggest social networking platform. It is still not clear if this app will be available worldwide or in a few regions.

The company is looking to work in a way that only the real profiles should be available here. It can be for genuine people only who are actually looking for a long-time relationship. The feature will not be available for hookups. It will be interesting to see how the biggest social networking platform will manage the profiles here. Facebook is already facing some tough times because of the data related issues. Therefore they will undoubtedly prefer to keep the user data safe this time. It is going to be the dating related function. Therefore they will not compromise with the safety and privacy of the users.

You may find that your friends are not able to see your profiles in this segment. There are chances that suggestions may arrive from different quarters that are not in your friend list. Facebook is looking to offer this function only to those who are interested in this service. If you are not interested in this service, then your profile may not be available for this segment. This is certainly going to be beneficial for those who actually want to use this service.

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